President of National Dairy Council of Canada visited Heilongjiang ---- An introduction of 2015 “China International Dairy Industry Exhibition” and dairy industry in Heilongjiang

The agreement recently signed withCanadapushes forwardHeilongjiangdairy industry. Not long ago, a delegation of National Dairy Council of Canada visitedHeilongjiang. Heads ofHeilongjianggovernment received the guests from Canadian dairy council, including the president and CEO Jacques Laforge.

On December 3rd, 2014, president and CEO of National Dairy Council of Canada Jacques Laforge led a delegation visitedHeilongjiang, aiming to communicate and exchange about the cooperation withHeilongjianggovernment and dairy companies in the field of dairy, especially milk powder, and to ask for information about “World Dairy Expo & Summit/China’15”held soon inHeilongjiang.

National Dairy Council of Canada was founded in 1966. As Canadian state-owned commercial organization, it is authorized to adjust the policy of the federal and provincial dairy and to make milk production control mechanism. Mr Laforge has once served as president of New Brunswick Dairy Farmers Association, and then chairman of Atlantic Dairy and Feed Association. He was appointed as president and CEO of National Dairy Council of Canada in February, 2012.

The delegation and heads of Heilongjiang foreign affairs office, department of commerce, animal husbandry and veterinary bureau and Heilongjiang entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau, exchanged opinions and comments on the dairy cooperation between Canada and Heilongjiang. During the visit, the delegation inspected Nestle dairy training center in Shuangcheng, Wondersun dairy co., LTD., and Metro supermarket. This visit will have a positive and far-reaching influence on the Canadian-Chinese dairy cooperation and the development of dairy industry inHeilongjiang. The delegation also exchanged opinions on the 13th “World Dairy Expo & Summit/China” held from 22nd to 24th of April,2015 inHeilongjiang, with the heads of Heilongjiang government and the organizers of the exhibition: Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic ofChinaand China Great Wall International Exhibition Co., Ltd.. The Organizer invited warmly the representatives of Canadian dairy industry to attend the exhibition. AndCanadaresponded that the exhibition was a good platform where they would take this opportunity to bring Canadian high-quality products toChina, and to cooperate with enterprises inHeilongjiangand even others provinces inChina.