Heilongjiang will build 100000 hectares of rangeland in Russia, the annual milk production will reach 500000 tons
China and Russia Agricultural Cooperative Association (CRACA) In Heilongjiang Province and Beijing Zhongding Dairy Farming co., LTD. signed a framework agreement, planning projects such as to develop 100000 hectares of rangeland inRussia, and to construct a standardized ranch of 100000 cows, with an expected milk production of 500000 tons. Korean-Chinese Trade Association and Mudanjiang Biomass Association signed an agreement to produce 300000 tons of straw stalk fuel. More than 200 representatives from major scientific research institutes at home and abroad, agricultural enterprises and government were involved in the project matchmaking and cooperation negotiations, and some even signed several agreements of project cooperation on the spot.
Harbin Zhongtie green packaging material co., LTD., respectively with Suilin county government and Keshan county government, signed the project of "Annual output of 1 million tons of environment friendly straw silk fiberboard"; Ecological research institute of Chinese academy of sciences and Harbin Haixin biological co., LTD. Signed the project of " Using the straw stalk fermentation technology to produce ten thousand tons of rice seedlings matrixā€¯.