"Visit of Private firms to Heilongjiang”: business leaders go to Heilongjiang for an investigatio

Recently,Heilongjiangorganizes enterprises outside of the province to investigate the cities, in order to make private firms deepen understanding aboutHeilongjiang, and to promote the cooperation and economic development.

Site tours, project investigations, all the schedules are compact and orderly. During this “Visit of private firms to Heilongjiang” , Qitaihe and Jixi introduce a coal chemical project, a wood product park project, an auto parts trade park project, a graphite park project, a green food industry project, tourism projects, and so on.

Xu Lianhai, general manager of Taihe market development of Zhejiang Yiwu co., LTD., and president of chamber of commerce of Jinhua, is born inNehe,Heilongjiang. He left his hometown to work when he was 13 years-old. He had a rough time working for others, but meanwhile he summarizes some successful experience modes, hoping to pay back to his homeland and the society. Xu said: "I'm in the field of commercial complex, of which Qitaihe is now lacking; only one can be counted given the size and scale. So the potential is very huge. I am familier with Qitaihe at a very early time among all cities ofHeilongjiang, I am also consultant of economic development of this city."

Chenggong, chairwoman of Guangda precision machine tool of Shenzhen co., LTD., is one of the most active entrepreneurs fromHeilongjiang. Speaking of her hometown, she talked herself out: "I’m up onHeilongjiang, doing trade business inHeilongjiangbefore 2003. At that time I was just in my twenties, and I made a lot of friends in this province. I believe that we should invest in a familiar environment, or it will go in vain. First time we went to Shenzhen, we built up from nothing, very upset, and even didn’t know which way to go or where to go shopping. But inHeilongjiang, especiallyHarbin, it won’t happen. I'm fromQiqihar, then getting married toHarbin, so I loveHeilongjiangProvincevery much. The linking city this time is the emerging area of Qitaihe, with ‘fresh water irrigation project’ under the agreement between the government of Qitaihe and me. ‘Fresh water irrigation’ can improve the output of crops, restore the crop traits, and accelerate the precocity. Aiming to saving water as well as increasing grain, this project will substantially raise farmers' incomes."