The Organizing Committee of World Dairy Expo/China participated in SPACE(Le Salon des Productions Animales - Carrefour Européen) to study and give publicity

      SPACE(Le Salon des Productions Animales- Carrefour Européen) was held from September 16th to 19th in Rennes, the capital of Bretagne, core area of French agriculture. This Expo is the second largest Expo of animal husbandry in the world. The content of the Expo includes livestock such as dairy cattle, beef, Livestock production facilities and animal husbandry technology.etc.

      The organizing committee of World Dairy Expo has organized a visit group to SPACE to study and give publicity of World Dairy Expo China’15. During the visit, the group of the organizing committee of world dairy expo has communicated with the related exhibitors on 13th World Dairy Expo China. A part of them showed great interest in the Expo.

      Besides, the committee has talked with the French group of exhibitors of world dairy expo. The 2 sides have confirmed the cooperation of next year and have discussed the details.

The exhibition scene

The representive of World Dairy Expo/China'15 talks with exhibitor