Schedule of China Cheese Day

Date: April 27th-28th, 2018

Venue: Victories Hotel, Harbin, Harbin International Exhibiton Center

Sponsor: CSIQ, National Dairy Engineering Technology Research Center, Heilongjiang Exhibition and Conference Bureau

Organizer: China Great Wall International Exhibiton Co., Ltd

Contact:  Tianwei YANG +86 10 88102342

Wenhui Yu   +86 10 88102255

Schedule of Event

Chinese Style Chinese Display

April 27th-28th Exhibition Hall B, Taste Area

Chinese traditional cheese will be displayed. Delicious dishes cooked with Cheese in Chinese cusine method will be displayed and can be tasted on site of the event.

Cheese Cook Show & Eating Cheese Competetion

April 28th Exhibition Hall B, Activity Area

Cheese food will be made on site of the event by chefs from different countries. Cheese eating competetion waiting for your participation!

Hand Made Cheese Class

April 28th  1:30-4:30 Exhibition Hall B, Activity Area

Hand made cheese Class will continue to be held this year. Cheese master will teach how to make 2 kinds of Cheese

Cheese knowladge maze

April 27th-29th Exhibition Hall B

Cheese knowladge maze. To win Cheese prize and learn cheese knowledge!

International Cheese Summit

Venue: Victories Hotel, Harbin


Part 1 Policy Interpretation

1. Interpretation of Standard of Cheese production——National dairy engineering technology research center.

2. Interpretation of laws and regulations on food safety of chesse product.——National Health and Family Planning Commission

3. Import and export data release and policy interpretation of cheese products——AQSIQ


Part 2 Cheese Market and Culture

1. Situation and development trend of Cheese promotion in China——Mr. Wang Dingmian

2. TBD——Senior dairy researcher Mr. Song Liang

3. Cheese Cultrue of France——Mr. Liu YANG

4. TBD——Cheese expert of Holland

5. TBD——Cheese expert of France


Part 3 Processeing and Production Technology of Cheese

1. Knowledge and technology of Cheese processing Equipment——Riechermann Mr. Wang Xuejun

2. Research and development path of Cheese based on Anthropology of Food——Professor of Heilongjiang University

3. Application of Cheese Additives——Dupont

4. Protein Denaturation in Cheese making

5. TBD——Mr. Du Changcheng

6. TBD——Cheese Expert of USA